Signature Therapies

The Amuma Spa signature therapies have been developed to feature the best in Filipino therapeutic and healing traditions. Together with rituals and use of finest local ingredients, the therapies bring relaxation and promote healing.

We have taken our favorite massage (hilot) techniques from across the Philippines and put them together with our own Amuma touch to give you the full body massage experience. Uniquely Filipino, this therapy induces relaxation and promotes healing. Warm fresh banana fronds are used to loosen tense muscles. To complete the experience we incorporate native rituals such as pausok (space cleansing through medicinal herbs and mineral smoke), dasal (prayer) and orasyon (blessings, chants and spiritual invocations).

Our version of the traditional mystical massage of the islands. This special treatment is never the same twice. Each manghihilot (therapist) has inherited the gift of healing hands from a relative and will pass on this good energy to you as a gift from the divine. This is not a whole body massage. Instead, it focuses on areas the healer believes to be the root cause of the problem. Prayer/Meditation is part of this experience which culminates in the healer giving you good advice to keep healthy and fit.

Aside from the Hilot, Amuma Spa offers western and asian massage therapies:
Namikoshi Shiatsu, Duot, Hot Stone, Travel Revive Fusion. Spa Packages are available.